Saturday, December 26, 2015

[Book Tag] Inside Out

I love Inside Out, it shows you that people need a good cry sometimes. Don't run away from crying people (yep, that's me talking) just be there for them, you don't even have to say anything, just sit by his/her side and he/she will appreciate it.

Anyway, I found this tag while I'm watching booktube videos (of course) by Jessethereader and I just couldn't not join in. Now let's just get started.

Which book brings you the most joy?
Happy Again by Jennifer E.Smith
The funny thing is, I posted this post before picking a book for Joy, fortunately it's only a few minutes (and there are only few people who read this post :p). It's not because I've never read a book that brings me joy, it's just I couldn't pick one (figured). Picking Rainbow Rowel's is kinda obvious or Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, or Stephanie Perkin's, so I'm picking Happy Again by Jennifer E.Smith. Happy Again is a novella, an epilogue really, of This Is What Happy Looks Like. It's not a series, I don't think Jennifer Smith ever wrote a series, but She wrote one novella about this particular book, and IT'S AWESOME. I like that there is an obstacle in relationship, especially with a holiwood star, or any Long Distance Relationship mostly, but they managed to passed it. Not to mention that Jennifer Smith really can make a girl swoon and smiling like an idiot.

Which book made you cry the hardest?
All The Bright Places, because it's obvious, and Dreamland. I cried a good cry reading Dreamland, people probably think someone died if they saw me (thankfully I read it in my room). It fills me with frustration, sadness, abandonment, and hope, hope that the parents are finally seeing their second daughter. Oh, the feels.

Which book grossed you out the most?
World After by Susan Ee
There are these two creatures, a man-made with a little Angel magic, that really grossed me out. And they are made in a freakingly morbid kind of way, that just... bizzare. You probably need to read the book because it's a spoiler. But maybe some people who read this series will understand me.

Which book scared you more that anything?
The Nightmare Hour by R.L.Stine
I don't read a lot of horror book or thriller book except in highschool. My highschool library consist of Goosebumps series by R.L.Stine, so I read a lot of Goosebumps, I really like the Sircus edition but the scariest book of R.L. Stine I've read is The Nightmare Hour. It was a compilation of short stories about Halloween, and Old Man and His Pumkins (I forgot the title, but it's about an Old Man and his pumkins) is the one that still craved into my mind.

Which book pissed you off?

Unwholly by Neil Shusterman
It's the advertisings!!! I can't continue reading it because the advertisings! And Cams. He's the new character that shows up in this book, and he is a freaking frankenstein!! WHAT THE HELL?!

TAG! You're it!

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