Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Meme] Top Ten Tuesday : Ten Authors We've Only Read One Book From & NEED To Read More!

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme by Ladies in The Broke and the Bookish. I’ve always reading other people’s Top Ten Tuesday and for once i want to participate tooooo.

This week’s topic is Ten Authors We've Only Read One Book From & NEED To Read More.

It’s a hard one for me. Because i’m someone who, when finished reading a book and liked it, i would authomatically (like, literaly) searching his/her other books and read them. So i don’t get ten for this topic (the exact topic). Sigh.

Let's just begin shall we?

1. E. Lockhart

I LOVED We Were Liars. And i really want to read her other books, but i always got disappointed when i read the other author’s other book, so i restrain myself to keep the cool writer image of Lockhart in me for a little while longer.

2. Huntley Fitzpatrick

I fell for Jase in My Life Next Door. And What I Thought Was True is on next read :)

3. Jennifer E. Smith

This Is What Happy Looks Like was just so cute. I wanna read stories as cute as this one.

4. Kasie West

I’m still wondering why The Distance Between Us ended like that. Not that i hated it, it’s just so sudden. But for what i heard about On The Fence, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

5. Andrea Portes

I’m only on the first half of Anatomy Of A Misfit and i already wanna read her other books.

6. Akiyoshi Rikako

She is a Japanese writer. I read her book recently called Girls In The Dark and got goosebumps by it. Woo. It was soo interesting.

7. Cassandra Clare

Once upon a time, i read City Of Bones. And up till now i never got a chance to read the second one.

8. Kiera Cass

I don’t really like The Selection actually. Okay, quite. A bit. But i really need to know who will end with her. The poor guy.

That’s all for I-only-read-one-book. See, not ten. So, to make up for the last two, i’m going to make it One Series, not One Book.


9. Gayle Forman

I loved If I Stay series, and i really want to read her other series Just One Day, but my pile of TBR is killing me.

10. Colleen Hoover

Well, Slammed series were just so-so to me. But, i always hear good things about Hopeless series, so i’m curious is all.

That’s all. Ten. Yay. What’s in your list?


  1. I've only read If I Stay from this list, and I didn't like it... so I haven't read any of the author's other books.

    1. Well, maybe If I Stay wasn’t so great, but the second book is definitely better, believe me. I loved Where She Went better that If I Stay.


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