Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Review] Only With You by Lauren Layne

Title: Only With You
Author: Lauren Layne
Series: The Best Mistake #01
Publisher: Forever
Published: January 1st, 2014
ISBN: 9781455546084
Pages: 260

Love is the Biggest Gamble of All . . . 

Cocktail waitress Sophie Dalton doesn't exactly have a life plan. She's perfectly happy being everyone's favorite party girl.
But when a Las Vegas bachelorette party goes awry and an uptight businessman mistakes Sophie for a prostitute .
. . well, Sophie wonders if it's time to reevaluate her priorities. Swearing off her thigh-high boots for good, Sophie slinks back home with damaged pride-and a jackpot of a hangover.

Yet what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. On a trip to Seattle to open a new office, Grayson Wyatt meets his latest employee-who turns out to be the same woman he recently called a hooker. Wealthy and gorgeous, Gray is a man used to getting what he wants. And it doesn't take long to figure out that smart, sassy, sexy Sophie is everything he's been looking for. 

As their late nights at the office turn into hot morning-afters, they realize their Vegas misunderstanding may lead to the real thing . . .


Really, could someone say to whoever writes the back cover synopsis to shorten them a little? I'd like to share this story in my own way you know, and the longest blurb here doesn't actually do any good in my telling.

Sigh. Okay, let's see what I can tell you from this limited thing. As you can see on the blurb, Shopie is someone that exists to buffer the conversation, someone to be a clown so other people could feel comfortable. But of course, she is sassy too, especially to the man who called her a prostitute not two week earlier. Fate oh fate, did they meet again on her parents’ house. Yes, you hear me right, and as her perfect-control-freak sister's date. (And they may share a little too intense conversation in a small coffined room as they did the first time they met.) And after too-into-other-people-business sister say a word or two about her lack of job for two weeks, Shopie end up being Gray's new secretary. Just for revenge, all right.

On the other hand, Gray really needs to keep his hand to himself around Shopie. Despite the annoying chatter Shopie is, or the annoying mention of his lack-of-manner on their night in Vegas, Gray can't seem to help thinking how hot Shopie is. And in those boots. Especially in those boots.

It seems ages ago since the last time I read light-chiklit-romance book and to have read it again after my marathon of scary-zombie-murderous book is a good reunion. And God did I love these things. I love Shopie, even though she's in a not good future searching, she doesn't give a crap about all those, well, other people does. And she's cheerful, knows how to maintain fun conversations, and doesn't easily cry. I like her friendship with Will. And I like it when she finally had enough of other people crapping her style of life.

As in for Gray, well, he isn't a chatter person. Heck, he barely talking even to Shopie. And of course, they are trying to get to each other skin all the time. It's fun to read their bickering, their jealousy, their that and their this.

It's really a nice break after all those fantasy and suspense, and Lauren Layne really did a good job writing those funny sarcasms. I laugh out loud more than I thought I would, but unfortunately this book isn't really that touchy. I mean I just felt sorry for Shopie, but didn't feel that sad, just 'God, that's awful'. And I know Gray was some guy who'd tell anything in his mind to someone close to him, but use some filter won't hurt, right? At least he changed.

However someone out there told you how bad this is, or how not good this is, well, I have to disagree with them. For I wear huge grin over the ending :)

And fortunately for me, the publisher just launched its sequel yesterday! Yippy! No more waiting!

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