Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[Meme] Top Ten Tuesday : Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by ladies from The Broke AndBookish. Something to show off your bookish list of each theme. And this week's theme is Books I Want To Reread. Rereading a book is something I do occasionally, but it doesn’t mean I rarely do it. In fact, I do it often, especially after I was done reading some books. It’s just I kinda confused what to read next and somehow I ended up rereading my books. More like, I was afraid I’d be disappointed with new books so I looked up the books I already loved and sure that they were good. Something like that, I guess.
So, these are the books that I usually reread.
1. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
I almost reread it all the time I could. I was captivated by Calvin’s charm and seem to, you know, just want to enjoy the feeling I got when I first read this. Especially when Min turned his line down and he would stumble because it rarely happened to him or their kiss scene and the whispering wind This One. It’s just really sweet, how the Man would fall in love with a woman that despise him the most and how he finally recovered from his first-something love.

2. The Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James
If you haven’t read this, READ. It was so good I could hardly contain my grin every time I read this book. I mean, how bold Taylor is as a sexual harassment lawyer, or how high Jason thought of himself. And my favorite scene is when Jason asked her what was she doing following him and she said “I’m here for you, Jason. Because I realized that the one person who could break my heart is the only one who should have it.”. And all those funny moments they have are just hard to put down.
3. When Love Awaits by Johanna Lindsey
It’s a historical romance book and historical is not something I actually fond of. But I just can’t help rereading this again and again. I liked how Leonie and Rolfe couldn’t seem to help falling in love with their new husband and wife. How Rolfe wanted to make Leonie involved in every aspect of his life because he wanted her to be part of his. How he furious about something that's not what she did wrong, but to something that she felt wrong. And that was what I always like about him. He concerned about their marriage more than everybody could expect him to. I mean he was a warrior and not many people expect a warrior to think about his marriage or even his wife as much as he did. And his jealousy was quite frightening actually.
4. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
I haven’t reread this as much as I used to, but I still want to reread this again sometime soon. I used to skip to my favorite scenes like The Confession or at school when Edward sent Bella off to her next class. Those cheeks-touches were so fluttering. And my most favorite scene is when they were in the flower field. I know its chapter called Confession, but I think the real confession was when they were in Port Angeles. And I liked that part too.
5. Flipped by Wendelin Van Dreenen
It’s a kid’s book, but I like it all the same. Two young people’s first loves. Watching how they grew up in a very interesting way, or how they finally see other world than beyond their age. Their family conflict, their intern conflict, and their other conflict that makes them mature over their age. And it’s cute seeing them when they first met.
6. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
If you skipped on almost every chapter in the book, could you call it reread? Because I skipped on almost Jacob’s part in the book. Well, I don’t like Jacob and I don’t care either way whether he’s dead or alive, I’ll just pretend that he didn’t exist. Then why am I rereading the book that has Jacob in almost every chapter? Well, firstly I liked the beginning and the ending and secondly, I liked how Bella kept hearing Edward’s voice. I’m not a creep, am I?
7. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
I only reread this book twice I think, but it gave me cute-kids-I-can’t-stop-grinning all the same. And if I want to reread a book this would be on my list. They’re just so cute.
8. Matemacinta by Razy Bintang Argian
You probably don’t know this book, it’s my favorite national book and the first book –fiction, not tales- that I loved so much. I read this when I was in Junior High and reread it again after I graduated from Senior High, and I wouldn’t mind rereading it again now. It’s about a young mathematic teacher and a seventeen year old high school girl. And Gundam and mango tree and monkey climbing and Inuyasha and The Kungfu Panda.
9. Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari
Another national book. It already adapted to screen, part 1 and part 2. And I like the movie too, probably because it has two parts, so they didn’t cut the scenes so much. In other words, all of my favorite scenes in the book were there, though I still like the book more.
10. Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata
I don’t have enough praise for this book. It’s just sooo good! How the characters grow up to their real ages. I mean, how they finally realize that something that they think was below them could actually make their way beyond them. And what I mean them was the people in that town. It’s actually about a chess competition in a small island when a woman just declares the war against her ex-husband in chess. Something that never ever happened before. But it’s just not the chess, not even the husband, it’s a war between women who supposed to be obedient and the men who think that they rule the island (saying world seem exaggerated). In other words, it’s how feminist born in that small and desert island. And it’s funny how they made strategies to win the tournament. And believe it or not someone’s life could actually be saved by a dove. I just like them all.

And I would gladly mention other books I love to reread, but these other books are the ones that depressed me. I like them, but I still am sad if I’d reread them. And I prefer reread the ones that make my day.
So, that’s all. What about you? What would you gonna reread yourself?

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