Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Meme] Top Ten Tuesday : Top Ten Books I'm Looking Forward To In 2015

This week's theme:
Top Ten Books I'm Looking Forward To In 2015

First of all, I'm not someone who thrilled about upcoming released books except for the series that I like. So, this is going to be hard.
click the cover to see the detail.

1. Trust Me by Romily Bernard
It's the third book of Find Me series and it's still long before it'd be released so we still haven't had any cover yet. But I'm looking forward to it. I really am.

2. Suddenly One Summer by Julie James
I guess it's not part of FBI/US.Attorney series, but I still want to read it. It's Julie James'!

There. I got two I actually looking forward. Start from here are just because the covers intrigued me.


3. The Ghost of Heaven by Marcus Sedwig
It looks good, no?

4. When by Victoria Laurie
I like the effect on this cover. It's like she's alone in that crowded street. It's like she's the only one who colored in those gray people. It's like she's the only one who actually has feelings. Though it's like she smug too.

5. I Was Here by Gayle Forman
Well, it's Gayle Forman's


6. A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd
I haven't read the series actually, still planning on it. But I expect it to be good, so I definitely want this book to be released soon..

7. Better Than Perfect by Melissa Kantor
I've seen this book quite months ago and ugh, I'll never read Waiting on Wednesday post ever again. I got confused over a book that's still upcoming and actually have been released.

8. Sorceress by Claudia Gray
I'm still planing on reading the series.


9. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Oh my god! How could I forget?! Of course Red Queen is on the list. I really want to read this book and it seems awesome. Even the cover is awesome.

10. Lies I Told by Michelle Zink
I like the cover. And the title.


  1. I'm also waiting on Lies I told and I was Here. They look so great. Thanks for sharing.

    here's my post

    Thanks! I also have a $30 giveaway going on, so be sure to check that out.

  2. The Ghosts of Heaven made my list, too!

  3. Awesome choices! I can't wait for Red Queen either. I love the cover of The Ghosts of Heaven-I may have to go look that one up and add it to my wishlist on Goodreads!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  4. Lies I Told is one I am looking forward to! Good list :)

  5. I think the premise of Red Queen looks interesting, but I'm always a little weary of a debut with so much hype. I hope it ends up being good!


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