Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trees of Reverie Read A Thon : Day 1

Day 1: Introduce us to your bookish world

Show or explain to us what your collection of books looks like. Do you have a specific way or order to how you like to keep your books?
I don’t have any shelf yet so my books are practically every where. But most of them are e books so it's not that messy. And when I have a shelf, I'll put them based on author(alphabetically) then series then stand alones (alphabetically). Though I’m not pretty sure I could,  that needs some real time for me who only have a little.

Do you have a moment in your life where your love of books and reading became significantly evident? Is there a particular thing, event or person that influenced your passion for books?
There was nothing really, I just kind of went with the flow. Not that I could mention the flow itself. But the first thing I remember about books is when I was in elementary school, sixth grade, a very-little-new-but-looked-old library was built in a very limited space. I was curious, so I went to it, and then the next thing I knew it's already time to go home. And there was only me in that small room, I went to it alone -nobody wanted to go with me- and left alone. And when I had to pick a junior high school I had to enroll (there are several in my town) I chose it because of its library. It’s not big, but it's big enough for me who suddenly entered a different new world of books beside the boring textbooks. I didn't know about fiction, fantasy sci-fi that time, I only read tales, fables, legends, something similar with those, and comics. And after that, I just can't seem to go to any school without checking their library first.

What sort of book or world is your favorite to get lost in?
I used to enjoy legends and myths, but now the most books I read is romance. I really love romance. The moment the guy fall for the girl or their telling of their honest feelings or the surprises AND the meet-cute, I love them all. Maybe that's because I want someday somebody will treat me that way too.

What book/s would you recommend to others so that they could have a chance to get lost in your personal ‘bookish world’?
Romance. I would and will recommend romance books to every person I know. Even if they don't like romance, I'll keep recommending them, but of course a different romance story for a different person. If they really don't like romance books -in the middle of a relationship crisis, just breaking up, never have any romance moments in their entire life- I'll recommend books that have the tiniest portion of romance and force it to them little by little so they can be like me. Because, come on, there is nothing happier in life but to see someone's happiness, even if they're illusions someone. And if they like romance just like me, you feelin’ me buddy?

Progress Day 1: None
I haven’t started reading any, it’s a tiring day for me and now I just wanna sleep. So sleepy ~Yawn.

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